Friday, June 3, 2011

Australia First (Western Australia) Meets On June 25: Dr. Jim Saleam To Speak

Bill Rezac

The nationalist movement in Western Australia is set to grow throughout 2011, with a view to acquiring the beginnings of a real activist presence in universities, schools, workplaces and community groups. Australia First Party is not simply an electoral organisation, but a political movement of thought and action.

This broad theme will be addressed by party National Council member, Dr. Jim Saleam, at a meeting in Perth set for June 25.

Members of the party, Eureka Youth League contacts and other interested persons have all been invited.

The Australia First Party is growing across Australia. Recruitment is now under way to acquire the necessary membership to register the party in South Australia and Queensland. Western Australian nationalists admit to not being advanced towards a similar goal, but we have a firm commitment to building the party on strong foundations.

The Australia First Party intends to take a leading role in warning people in this State of a number of dire dangers: the Chinese mining corporations which operate here and which seek Chinese slave labour as their workforces, the shadowy plans to break open the borders with East Timor and the denial of freedom of speech through certain State laws.

Our meeting on June 25 promises to set our agenda. Join Australia First!

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