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Combat 18 Perth Racial Violence Arrests. Or Just More Rubbish From The Stable Of “CC18”?

Dr. Jim Saleam and others.

The recent arrest of three young men in Perth by the West Australian police State Security Investigations Group, for a shooting at the Suleymaniye Turkish mosque last February, raises the matter of whether the event itself was pure provocation. We do not make that statement without evidence; neither do we make it to vex the public and press commentators like Ronan O’Connell of the West Australian newspaper (he has reported on this affair at length).

These young men were supposedly members of Combat 18 (or Combat Adolf Hitler), an international neo-nazi fraternity and they ostensibly engaged in a ‘racist attack’. It is not surprising that. the West Australian State Security Investigatons Group, which is a secret political police, would have prattled on in public about smashing a racist, neo-nazi cell and stomping on race hate crime in general - and crippling the Australian section of an international neo-nazi terror gang.

We say that this is all just pure, unadulterated, crap (!) – political-police-speak.

Let us drop the first bombshell: the original Combat 18, founded in London in 1992, was set up by MI-5 as a specialised dirty tricks operation. The West Australian police know it. Academics know it. Some British journalists have worked on the story. It is an open secret. Yet, it has not come out in the current matter and we say it is a vital fact to consider in view of the Australian events. History repeats.

The original Combat 18 in Britain was given a few tasks by MI-5: it would act to takeover the then-existing Skinhead music scene and control it; it would spy on Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, because the founders had contacts there which could be developed ; it would harass the then-nationalist British National Party ; it would spy on the British ‘radical Right’ scene generally ; it would act as a honey trap for foolish youth who wanted to engage in racist violence. These were big jobs and the amazing C18 did them all to perfection.

The MI-5 connection was exposed in 1997 when the founder-leader, ‘Charlie’ Sargent murdered a fellow member. He received a lighter sentence for services rendered.

Some former dupes exposed Combat 18 in a major British television documentary. But the organization carried on! There is no reason to conclude that its ‘usage’ in Britain or elsewhere – has ever changed.

C18 Comes To Australia: But Who Launched It?

After some efforts since 2003 to launch C18 in Australia, it made an appearance in November 2008. It appeared from nowhere. A band in Perth, a part of the Blood And Honour music network defected, announced itself to be part of C18 and volunteered to play at a music gig in Sydney. A website went up – and then vanished. The band came to Sydney, played on, went home and laid low. It is not yet known to us who approached the band members with the offer to become C18. That would be a most significant matter.

Then – something! C18 revived slowly again in Perth and new persons were brought into it.

The Revival Of The Australian Section Of C18

To understand the Australian version of Combat 18, there are facts which we shall present for the first time:

1. The band played in Sydney in November 2008 courtesy of a host group. This group contains a notorious ‘former’ New South Wales Special Branch police informant, Peter Coleman, 1980’s deputy of Jack van Tongeren’s ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’. Did he make the invitation?

2. Known persons, who appear very unlikely advocates of any sort of neo-nazism, promoted the November 2008 Sydney music gig and have promoted C18 thereafter. Why?

3. Another person has played with the C18 label ever since November 2008 and sought to integrate it into his group and into another group. He too seems an unlikely ‘neo-nazi’.

4. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has been very busy in the last several months, interviewing persons who may have known of the C18 activities. This may well predate the attack on the mosque. There is some hint in O’Connell’s reports that it was “six months” ago that C18 came to West Australian police attention.

5. Representatives of C18 appeared in Sydney some months ago and may well have met with Coleman.
It seems to us that all these things integrate together into an intelligence-picture.

The Incredible Facts Regarding Peter Coleman.

The West Australian police, as is a matter of record, arrested Jack van Tongeren in 1989 and prosecuted him for a plethora of offences, some against Perth property owned by Asian persons.

It has been the allegation of nationalists since that time, that it was none other than Coleman who gave him up.

The story behind all that was supplied as a submission to the former West Australian Royal Commission into the State’s police force.

It can be read at: reich/parttwo.html

This is significant, because Coleman informed the New South Wales Special Branch police of van Tongeren’s guilt in an array of crimes allowing them to pass this information to West Australian police – two months before an official reason became known to the West Australian police of van Tongeren’s activities! Rather than stop him, West Australian police allowed him to continue. It was this that produced a so-called ‘racism terror trial’.

This matter has never been investigated and almost certainly never will be. It is just too hot.

We now find Coleman mixed up, albeit seemingly indirectly, with the new C18.

Readers who enjoy irony will note that Coleman was referred to in the New South Wales Police Royal Commission evidence with a Commission code – CC18.

Who Incited The C18 Crime In Perth?

The West Australian secret political police should not crow like cocks at day break that they have busted open anything.

It is really a question of deciding what C18 really is, who may be involved in it – and what the game plan really is.
Even if these three young men have committed a crime, it is necessary to learn who sent them there. Unless these matters are taken up by the relevant standing Commission on police corruption, then really – the truth will never be known.

Why is it that every time neo-nazis do violence in Australia the political police are right on it? Either we have really resourceful and wondrously intelligent folks in these agencies – or there is something just not right in the whole business.

That is our allegation. The political police just know too much.

Like the original C18, this group in Australia seems to have played out a similar role. It may have been a conduit for information collection and disruption of other (sometimes legitimate) groups which are opposed to the direction of Australia’s immigration policy.

The arrested men are very young. Let us see, if they are guilty, whether they will tell the whole story!

Is it the original CC18, or another act-alike, who has sponsored the latest saga in the C18 “terror machine” of faked-up neo-nazism?

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