Monday, November 9, 2009

It’s A Small World? Who And What Is Now Mobilizing Against Us?

Dr. Jim Saleam

This article might be difficult territory for some. It is a minor labyrinth of detail. Even those amongst us with no particular interest in political ‘detective work’ and an esoteric discussion about a lot of funny persons from the political twilight, might spare a moment for reflection. Why?

Essentially, it has become obvious that Australia First (and anyone else pushing a pro Australian barrow for that matter) is now on the receiving end of electronic and paper smears and incitements and at long last – confrontation.

This was shown when the Sydney Forum was picketed on September 25. A small number of demonstrators arrived to shout ‘fascist’ at Forum guests and try to obstruct entry to the RSL venue. The Police ultimately moved them on. These people called themselves ‘Antifa’ (or anti fascists as the term means) and were drawn largely from the anarchist inner-city sub-culture. A couple of websites have tried to fuel this world of marginal people with the hype to take on the nationalists physically and, although there is some sort of tension between the anarchists and the scribblers at these sites, they finally took their cue.

Some weeks prior in Melbourne, the Antifa opted to damage the shop of a man involved in organising a younger persons’ music gig. Reason: Antifa considered the gig “fascist” and “racist”. Needless to say, this may have led to other incidents and the anarchists complain of – a certain direct response.

Let us be very clear and precise. Anti-fascism is usually a game operated by deluded people at the behest of others who play from behind the scenes. A group is found that the establishment dislikes and fears. Australia First Party, the nationalist movement generally, is that target. The media reacts and smears the challenger in any number of ways. Lately, figures from the major parties and other liberal commentators have criticised our movement as a dangerous and evil thing, but our challenge grows and has raised itself to a national profile. We are still a small force, but we are taking on organizational flesh.

So it occurs that we must now receive a dual attack: an entity (ie. Antifa) is brought to bear, one that stalks the new movement physically whilst also stigmatizing it propagandistically in the terms the establishment would have it labelled. In other words: through confrontation and harassment, we may be restricted; by calling us names in public and via reporting of the new group’s actions, some people who may be available to us as voters and activists, could turn away in confusion. Just as screaming at a bloke “wife beater, wife beater” might cause some to think he is one, so calling patriotic ordinary Australian working people “fascists”, could cause some members of the public to think it’s true – and they would decline support.

This anti-fascism is as much psycho-politics as physical politics. It is designed to vex, confuse and disorient. Having someone scream that the party is something it is not, to risk arrest and carry out assaults in the name of a false position, is bizarre. Yet, that is the point. To mobilize people against us, the operators of Antifa must spoon feed something to the troops to keep up their activism. “I get it”, said one old World War Two veteran, who had just been called a “Nazi” as he entered the Sydney Forum venue; “he needed a straw man to knock down, some idea in his head to keep him fighting.” True.

The anti-fascists in the street are genuine fools. They really believe that the Australian nationalists would impose fascist rule if we could, will cause no end of social turmoils and hatreds on our path to power and they really imagine that we are inspired by historical fascism. As anarchists or Trotskyites or Maoists, they are impelled to act. For sure, it is all a delusion. In fact, we intend to impose (sic) a radical democracy upon Australia! Yet, knowing this impulse to act against us exists, the shadowy players who need a confrontational Antifa to do the dirty work can move more easily to mobilize it. Hence, we observed websites like ‘Fight Dem Back’ and ‘Slackbastard’ tried to organize the protest movement, but they had establishment connections with the Labor Party and Zionist groups and so on; this was just too brazen and the Antifa was hesitant. Reasonably, pseudo revolutionaries don’t like the establishment either. So other less obvious agents are undoubtedly employed such that the new Antifa structure can be promoted into street politics and given a certain media sanction - as long as it does its job.

Good Intel ….

A month or so ago, the staff at the inveterate pro Australian ‘intelligence Blog’ ‘Whitelaw Towers’, put it out there that in Sydney at least, a peculiar clique of people based on the leadership of the former Builders’ Labourers’ Federation (BLF) in New South Wales and a network that was connected to it and formerly instrumental in the old Maoist-style Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist), had been sniffing about, setting up small structures to push odd communist type agendas.

The members of this grouping have freed themselves of much of the ideological baggage of Maoism, but have retained their taste for a radical communist solution. In that regard, these people were not beyond embracing some of the arguments and methods of the anarchists if this leads to ‘direct action’.

After yet another ‘anti-fascist’ action on October 2 in Sydney, this time aimed at a speaking event in inner-city Chippendale, the interest of the ex Maoist group in anti-fascism, was revealed. Such a small world politics can be when bad eggs return to the fray.

A certain writer appeared on the Indymedia website, someone whose suggestions are pregnant with the future. This writer, who I quickly understood to be one C. Maltby, recorded how he and his friends once turned over a literature table of a student nationalist organisation at the University of New South Wales and directly confronted the group. That was 1979. I was there. Maltby naturally omitted that he had positioned himself behind Mr. F.K. Salter chairman of our group and struck him to the head with a (thankfully smooth) rock. Although Salter sustained no real injury, it was a dangerous assault. Maltby was alluding to old, perhaps to his mind, happy memories. His article counselled further and aggressive action based upon the ‘validity’ of violent confrontation.

To say that Maltby is just a would-be thug underestimates the fellow and those he sails with. The Maoists were not unintelligent. He has reviewed the political landscape and - using my name to make the point - tells his readers:

…. Kevvie’s ALP, with the Breakfast Creek mob providing invaluable support 'in the rear' - but beware, the collapse of the ALP could give the likes of Saleam rallying points around which to gather votes …..
If Saleam et al ever get anywhere west of Parramatta in Sydney, watch out! And what will the likes of the Greens do then? Hit them with banana leaves, or try to reason with them? No, they'll just 'peacefully protest' as all democratic institutions are torn apart. Only one answer and it's still Socialism Comrades - it would be a very different form of Socialism - perhaps the Anarcho-Syndicalists do have something, other than books to sell! Cheers, The Captain.

In one regard, Mr. Maltby is dead right. Australia First intends to campaign to gather the support of working people – and Western Sydney holds many disgruntled unionists and self-employed people under the gun of big business and now too hosts a legion of young unemployed. This social pattern is duplicated in every metropolis.

Maltby proposed a new alliance to stop us from realising our objective – an alliance of the anarchist movement and leftover activist Maoism. Interesting. Now that anti-fascism is in the street, we now see the forces of our opposition meld together. We are warned and must become prepared.

Forward! ….

The opposition, which Australia First Party and the entire patriotic movement faces, will gather in pace and in intensity. This cannot be avoided and is a reflex to our growth. How we handle it will be a major test of our courage, resources and professional acumen. Needless to say, whatever plans we may have cannot be discussed in the open on a website or in an e-mail newsletter.

Certainly, we will stand our ground and extend our reach. We intend to develop a party with popular roots and to do so over the next twelve months. Swatting the blowflies of Antifa is simply ensuring that we reach those Australians we need that we may move to higher stages in building our mass work.

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